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Our approach is to listen, discuss and understand your values & project objective. We enjoy co-creating a plan with you. We offer the best solution methods to address the objectives. The CIR consulting team has developed and honed over decades of experience in the real world a number of approaches to strategy and intelligence. Together, we choose the optimal methods and approach for you. We have worked recently with some of the world’s largest, most innovative and longest-growing companies; we have created successful businesses and networks of exchange and have experienced hands-on strategic, marketing and sales issues. We can work as a consulting team or we can embed within your company. Our rigorous methods are suitable for governmental and private sector international trade deal negotiators to use to maximise process efficiency and effectiveness.


CIR invites you to join an expanding global exchange network: services, technology, products, money, information, analytics, shared experiences as events like conferences, exhibitions, dinners and masterclasses. You’ll bring alive your business development and personal and corporate success by engaging with top innovation & technology business executives and entrepreneurs. Our value network and high quality event co-ordination methods are suitable for providing forums and conferencing for private and public sector international trade negotiators to optimise process.